Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Fun

I'm not sure why but somehow i managed to escape most of the practical jokes this morning.For those who don't live or work with children you may not have remembered it was April Fools Day, but somehow the children always seem to remember. Maybe this is because it's the one day a year they're allowed to "misbehave" and sort of get away with it! Many of the teachers ended up with toads, lizards, caterpillers and all kinds of other creepy crawlies in their desks, given to them as gifts or actually put right ont them. thankfully, being the grade one/two teacher my students have not yet learned these wonderful "jokes". :) the Zambian men in the kitchen also have a sense of humour we discovered this morning when we went into the dining room. the headmaster's chair had been replaced with a stool, many of the utensils were mixed up and they hid the tea and coffee and put milk and juice in it's place (that almost started a riot. ;) !) once we found the tea and coffee and checked to make sure it was indeed tea and coffee things settled down a little. the best joke however was on the students. one of my students finished her water and asked if she could go up for more so i let her. when she got up to the front she asked the cook to help her as she couldn't reach the water jug. the cook said "would you like some juice instead" of course that was greated with a "yes please!". really quickly the other students noticed that someone was getting juice and soon all were gulping down the water and asking permission to go for juice. we all had a great laugh when they got back to their seats, took big mouthfuls and discovered it wasn't juice at all! but rather water with food colouring in it! their expressions were priceless! it was made all the better because some of the greedier ones had taken a full glass and they had to finish it all before they were allowed to be excused.
lina and i decided to play a joke on our students by switching classes. her students were with another teacher for first period so she was able to sneak down to my classroom and hide in the back room (we have a backdoor). after the first period was done i had the grade twos line up as they were heading to their next class which was to be taught by another teacher (as usual) as they were leaving i declared. "i'm tired of teaching today! i'm leaving!" and i walked out the door and off towards lina's class. my poor grade ones didn't know what to do! i heard them saying things like "what do we do, the teacher is gone?" then i heard them all scream as lina came bursting in through the back door. she told me later that she just acted like everything was normal and began to teach the class. the kids still not sure what to do, went along with it. :) when i came back for the next period they said, "don't worry Miss Sheach, Miss Burkin taught us math today." i had to laugh! while lina took my class i went up and sat in her classroom waiting for the grade 5/6's to come back from spelling. they slowly meandered in some of their reactions were quite comical as they showed their surprise to see me there. they had to do a math exam so they were hoping to get out of it b/c their teacher wasn't there. i was quite strict with them (partly b/c it was an exam) which they didn't appreciate at all. they asked if Miss Burklin was sick to which i replied, "I think she's sick of you guys." (aren't i nice). By the time Lina and I switched back they were quite grateful that SHE was their teacher and not me. Maybe they'll behave a little better for her from now on ;) Hopefully that's all the practical joking that will go on today. As the saying goes, "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye." i find practical joking can often get this way, it always gets taken a little tooo far and someone gets hurt. so if you are planning on playing a joke on someone today, please remember to keep it light and all in good fun. :)

5 more days till the kids start flying out! (no joke!) :D

ps. not as much rain lately. took a walk on the airstrip 2 nights ago and it was dried out pretty well. Praise the Lord. we hope this holds until the flights are all done!

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