Wednesday, January 8, 2014

tired, so tired!

What a day! I am completely exhausted, but I figure if I don't get a blog in now, who knows when I will next! First day of the school year which is always a little crazy for me because I don't follow a schedule (which means it's all my fault... I know). It's usually rather interesting just discovering what my new little kiddos will be like; the different personalities to meet and issues to deal with and overcomes. This year was did not disappoint. I have only 8 this year, 2 girls and 6 boys. I was worried about having 6 boys in my class, silly me, it's one of the girls who is giving me the most trouble. She pretends not to listen and then does exactly what she's not supposed to do when I turn my back or she thinks i'm not looking. The boys that I will have trouble with it's not an obedience thing as much as a little boy - no attention span thing. this I can deal with... with some extra patience from God. :) We all managed to survive the first day of school and I did NOT lose any children at the river or pool today. :) The other thing that wiped me out was supper dishes. Normally we have a new group of kids come in every year as the young ones move up and the older ones leave. this year, it's ALL new ones and I get to train them as I was the silly one to sign up for Wednesdays. dishes tonight took until 6:35 - last year I was never out after 6:20. we'll see if they've picked up speed by Monday (my next dishes night). must go, have to get ready for classes tomorrow - start the "real" teaching.