Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Been home (in Canada) a week already.... can't catch up with time! I've enjoyed some great family time already, mostly with my sister and very cute nephews. Now I'm already enroute (currently waiting in the airport in MN)out west! I'm pretty excited about it for a few reasons. 1) get to spend time with Chris & Laura 2)i've never been west (that i remember) and am looking forward to taking in the sights.

sorry this is so short but running out of internet time. will have to write more once i arrive in Seattle.

Friday, December 2, 2011

so this is my second attempt to send out this blog. i was sitting in a cafe typing away totally unaware that my time had run out. :( but that seems to be the theme of my life the last week or so as there hasn't seemed to be any time to sit and figure out where i'm at!
i got my report cards done 3 hours before deadline and only had one correction to make. hurray! i think i'm getting better at it. :)
the last few days of classes were a blur of getting the classroom cleaned and keeping the children occupied. our end of term show rehearsels went reasonalbly well but i was still pretty nervous about the actual show.
wednesday came and with it the parents and visitors and a whole bunch of stress! i made it through the parent/teacher interviews with most of my sanity intact. got the kids sorted out with their costumes and proceeded to the end of term show. it was quite the "interesting" show with the kids messing up 2 of their songs and myself making up all my lines as i went along; then completely blanking on one of them! by the end i was just ready to "go home!". unfortunately i still needed to pickup costumes, wash the 1/2 container of baby powder out of my hair and finish packing before stumbling to bed sometime before midnight.
thursday dawned bright and early with 3 grade 1 entrance interviews to do before 10am! thankfully i was able to divide the work with mark and pam ronald and we got through them rather efficiently. then last minute house cleaning (especially getting my dishes done)and up to the airstrip for my 11am flight OUT OF THERE! :D
the first 15 mins of the flight was kinda fun as i had 3 of my students baraging me with "miss sheach look at that!" and "what is that?" etc. then suddenly the excitement changed when their stomachs started turning over. thankfully only one ended up getting sick and i didn't really have to deal with it too much. the rest of the flight was rather miserable. when we landed it was around 3pm and we were starving (not having eaten since breakfast) so lina and i grabbed a coke and some chips at the airport. we spent some time window-shopping at the marvelous Mandahill Centre (you'd think you were in north america is crazy!) and grabbed a latte before heading out for supper. the supper was an amazing, mouth-watering steak meal which was to die for after being in the bush for awhile! unfortunately we didn't get much sleep between the heat, pouring rain and the dogs (the usual problems here in lusaka).
this morning after breakfast we hired a taxi to take us "around town" as we had some errands to run before Lina caught her flight. we got most of the errands we needed done and finished my christmas shopping as well. i've taken the rest of the day to relax and try and get caught up on some sleep!
tomorrow at 7am i leave for the airport for my 9am flight to London. back in canada on monday... i think.