Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Into the last 1/3 of term...

The second 1/2 term is now over which means we're entering the final weeks of school. 3 weeks tomorrow the kids go home... but who's counting. I was pretty productive this weekend as I had SO much time off. I managed to organize my livingroom enough that I could set up my Christmas tree and other decorations. I still have to organize and clean the rest of the house, but (with the exception of the bedroom) it's not as bad. I enjoyed the decorating and dancing around to my Christmas music but I admit it made me pretty homesick. So, I made my Christmas cards and wrote a Christmas newsletter. For once I'm ahead of the game! Those will go in the mail this aft, i'm hoping! I also got 7 or eight more skirts made for the orphanage (recycled from jeans) which I've had sitting waiting to be sewn for awhile. Other then that I had a relaxing long weekend trying to fight off a cold that some of the other staff seem to be getting. So far I've just got the sore throat. I'm hoping that's the worst of it for me!

Monday, November 4, 2013

One month to end of term. I feel more confident now than I did in my last post, although this may be due to the fact that I just want to be done with the term! Not that it's been a long or bad term, I'm just ready for a break! I did another interview today. It was supposed to be for a prospective grade 2 student however I ended up using the grade 1 interview as that was more his level. I think it will work out better though because our grade 2 class will be pretty full already and the grade one class still has a few openings... I think. Man, with this heat it sure doesn't feel like November! My students just finished learning about winter (we started on spring today) so I have paper snowflakes hanging in my classroom; sure wish they'd cool it down a little! Tomorrow we'll begin work on some Christmas crafts. I haven't got my Christmas tree out yet, I think i'll hold off a bit this year. Mainly b/c there is no space in my house for it at the moment... really should do something about that soon. Next Monday and Tuesday is our 2nd halfterm break. I lucked out cuz it lands just after my weekend off, so I get an extra long weekend! I guess that would be a good time to get some stuff done huh?