Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Into the last 1/3 of term...

The second 1/2 term is now over which means we're entering the final weeks of school. 3 weeks tomorrow the kids go home... but who's counting. I was pretty productive this weekend as I had SO much time off. I managed to organize my livingroom enough that I could set up my Christmas tree and other decorations. I still have to organize and clean the rest of the house, but (with the exception of the bedroom) it's not as bad. I enjoyed the decorating and dancing around to my Christmas music but I admit it made me pretty homesick. So, I made my Christmas cards and wrote a Christmas newsletter. For once I'm ahead of the game! Those will go in the mail this aft, i'm hoping! I also got 7 or eight more skirts made for the orphanage (recycled from jeans) which I've had sitting waiting to be sewn for awhile. Other then that I had a relaxing long weekend trying to fight off a cold that some of the other staff seem to be getting. So far I've just got the sore throat. I'm hoping that's the worst of it for me!

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  1. Huzzah for Christmas decorations! Way to go being organized--I need to get my act together!