Monday, November 4, 2013

One month to end of term. I feel more confident now than I did in my last post, although this may be due to the fact that I just want to be done with the term! Not that it's been a long or bad term, I'm just ready for a break! I did another interview today. It was supposed to be for a prospective grade 2 student however I ended up using the grade 1 interview as that was more his level. I think it will work out better though because our grade 2 class will be pretty full already and the grade one class still has a few openings... I think. Man, with this heat it sure doesn't feel like November! My students just finished learning about winter (we started on spring today) so I have paper snowflakes hanging in my classroom; sure wish they'd cool it down a little! Tomorrow we'll begin work on some Christmas crafts. I haven't got my Christmas tree out yet, I think i'll hold off a bit this year. Mainly b/c there is no space in my house for it at the moment... really should do something about that soon. Next Monday and Tuesday is our 2nd halfterm break. I lucked out cuz it lands just after my weekend off, so I get an extra long weekend! I guess that would be a good time to get some stuff done huh?

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