Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why can I never keep up with time?!

This weekend was my "catch up time". Not only was it a weekend off, but a long weekend as Monday and Tuesday were half term. So I worked on getting things done around my house and classroom that I have been putting off for one reason or another. I didn't get all the jobs done that I wanted to and still have many, many things to finish, but doesn't it feel great to get a few things done and out of the way! Things are going a bit smoother with my students and some have really woken up and caught on to reading and such. Others are still going to take awhile to get there, but that's all part of the "fun" of teaching. My students and I are really getting into the Olympics. I needed something to fill the Language section of my schedule for the first half of term (as the kids aren't reading yet, teaching them grammar is useless at this point). The best part is because it's the winter Olympics these kids have NO CLUE what the sports are so we've watched a few video clips for each sport we learn about and then try to come up with ways to "play" that sport. each child has also chosen a country to cheer for and they get quite excited when we do the daily medal count to see "who's winning". They get so into it that they congratulate each other and everything. it's awesome to see. One boy today was sad because his team only has one medal so one of his friends said "I can give you one of mine, we've got lots of extras! Even though nothing was exchanged this cheered the first boy up and made the second one feel good too. I'm glad they're learning important lessons from this because I was beginning to feel guilty about using class time this way! :) Hard to believe that Mom and Dad arrive in less than a month and the term will be done in just over a month! Why can I never keep up with time?!