Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas to all!

my last blog (although posted today) was actually written last week, Monday. it has been an interesting and boring week all at the same time. My father was admitted to the hospital on Monday or Tuesday (can't remember which)which is hard to deal with when so far away. Not that I can do anything even if I was home, but it just seems so much harder to take when i'm "stuck" over here. Praise the Lord, he has now been sent home! I'm hoping that means things are getting much better, but I know they still haven't sorted out all the issues, so prayers are still needed and appreciated! I've spent my week puttering around my home and trying to get it cleaned up! I had the Ferguson family (Mel, Ross and their teenage boys) and Lina over for supper on Saturday night which was a lovely "family Christmas" time. I've been doing a lot of reading, knitting and baking; all of which I find pretty relaxing. Now I just have to tidy up the kitchen again (I wish there were little elves that would tidy up after I bake/cook!) and then i'm all set for Christmas tomorrow. Tonight a few of us are doing a cheese & a chocolate fondue at Lina's house which should be nice. Then tomorrow I'm just doing a progressive breakfast/gift opening with Lina, Bethany and Jill as we did last year. It's usually pretty laid back. I'll probably call my family although they're spread across the globe this year! Boxing day is when we'll have our station Christmas dinner. it will be pretty crowded as there are quite a few visitor right now. Well, I guess that's all for now. Merry Christmas to all! and don't forget to thank God for the real reason we celebrate Christmas; His Son the Lord Jesus Christ!

back at sakeji

Lina and I arrived back at Sakeji last night. The trip up from Lusaka was, as usual, interesting. We did manage to get done all the things we needed to get done in Lusaka but sadly didn't get to do the one thing we wanted to: watch The Hobbit. Lina was even at the theatre at the right time but they had closed down because of some "water problem" and we had to leave town before the next showing. it was so tragic! we could't believe that they actually HAD it in theatre so soon. the trip to Kitwe was not a good one. i got a headache which developed quickly into a migraine so every bright light of the cars that passed us was agony. poor lina had to drive in the dark, with pouring rain, insanely bad roads and a passenger who was of no help when we got turned around in Ndola. thankfully Lina is determined and God got us safely to the Fernando's house although we thought the little truck was going to drown in the lake we had to drive through on their road! we spent our last day 'out' in kitwe buying groceries and last minute odds and ends and then hurried back to the fernando's as they had invited us out to a christmas party they were going to. it was slightly awkward as we were really underdressed (i was in jeans and a t-shirt) and we felt like party crashers. but the food was amazing as the majority of the people at the party were from Sri Lanka and can cook! sunday we once again piled into the little truck and headed home. we had some trouble with the one tire and figured the alignment was just getting bad but we were told later that it was actually that the tire was falling apart! praise the Lord nothing happened to it or us as we travelled home! now that we're back i'm trying to get my groceries and purchases all away and my house in order so that i can have company over for christmas. guess i best get back to that!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

why are my "vacations" never relaxing?

A week ago today the kids had all gone home. I finished the last 3 interviews (for next years students) and then crashed for a day or two. Saturday the "single ladies" all went to the cottage site (as the cottage has not yet been rebuilt) and we had some fun just hanging out one last time before Hannah and the short termers left. I honestly don't remember Sunday as I spent most of the day trying to get ready for the trip south. this trip was originally just supposed to be Lina and I driving Hannah and 3 other girls down to Solwezi so they could catch a flight to Lusaka. we were going to spend a day relaxing and buying groceries and then return to Sakeji. After some talking we decided that instead of staying in Solwezi we would head to Kitwe, spend some time with friends and do our shopping there as there is a better selection. This plan too was changed as Lina got word that her work permit was finally ready and needed to be picked up from Lusaka. Monday (after many tearful goodbyes) we got the four girls packed into the back of a small pickup truck (it was covered) with all their luggage and 2 cooler boxes. The road to Solwezi was surprisingly better then expected and we arrived in pretty good time with no one getting sick! A quick trip to the bank and Shoprite (for snacks) and then we got dressed up (mainly just in clean clothes) and headed over to the only hotel in town for a nice supper out. We had a lovely supper, full of laughs and ended with a funny story which i'll not share on this blog to protect the 'innocent'. ;)(those who have my email can write and ask if they're curious). Tuesday morning we got up early (too early for me as I didn't sleep well) and after a rather sad breakfast dropped the girls off at the airport. we didn't stick around for long drawn out good byes, instead Lina and I headed out of town, south to Kitwe. The drive down was horrendous! the roads were horrible and the traffic was worse. on top of that the police at the police stops were annoying. one asked Lina for her "particulars" (meaning phone number) which she refused to give out. we eventually arrived at our destination and had a wonderful meal and sleep. wednesday we set out again, this time for Lusaka. for the first time in the 4 years I've been here the immigration people were also stopping people on the road! of course I didn't have my passport as mine was in Lusaka getting renewed. thankfully, he was very good about accepting a copy I happened to throw in my purse. again the police hassled us for no apparent reason. it took forever to get to Lusaka and on the way we found out that the fitness on the truck we're driving expires on the 12th... like today. after much debating with other staff members both yesterday and today we still haven't got that one solved. we arrived in Lusaka in time to change and go out for a late supper. I have to admit the supper was really nice and we were able to forget some of the horrible things from earlier in the day. today we started by rushing through the pouring rain to the immigration office to get lina's work permit. I waited next door at the 5-star hotel, knitting, drinking a latte and eating a croissant... such a supportive friend. :) actually I DID bring a latte to Lina too. we spent the morning shopping, which is rather exhausting and then went out to a movie for a little "down time". we'll see what exciting things tomorrow has in store...