Tuesday, December 24, 2013

back at sakeji

Lina and I arrived back at Sakeji last night. The trip up from Lusaka was, as usual, interesting. We did manage to get done all the things we needed to get done in Lusaka but sadly didn't get to do the one thing we wanted to: watch The Hobbit. Lina was even at the theatre at the right time but they had closed down because of some "water problem" and we had to leave town before the next showing. it was so tragic! we could't believe that they actually HAD it in theatre so soon. the trip to Kitwe was not a good one. i got a headache which developed quickly into a migraine so every bright light of the cars that passed us was agony. poor lina had to drive in the dark, with pouring rain, insanely bad roads and a passenger who was of no help when we got turned around in Ndola. thankfully Lina is determined and God got us safely to the Fernando's house although we thought the little truck was going to drown in the lake we had to drive through on their road! we spent our last day 'out' in kitwe buying groceries and last minute odds and ends and then hurried back to the fernando's as they had invited us out to a christmas party they were going to. it was slightly awkward as we were really underdressed (i was in jeans and a t-shirt) and we felt like party crashers. but the food was amazing as the majority of the people at the party were from Sri Lanka and can cook! sunday we once again piled into the little truck and headed home. we had some trouble with the one tire and figured the alignment was just getting bad but we were told later that it was actually that the tire was falling apart! praise the Lord nothing happened to it or us as we travelled home! now that we're back i'm trying to get my groceries and purchases all away and my house in order so that i can have company over for christmas. guess i best get back to that!

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