Tuesday, October 26, 2010

green to go!

So it is official now. I've got my green light to go, I'm in the 2011 Missionary Handbook and I'm working on getting my plane tickets! The Lord is good! :) also thanks to all who prayed and send encouraging notes etc.

I am still working on packing up the final things to send on the container, but that's nearly done. Friday I take it all down to Toronto and send it on it's merry way (hopefully I'll see it all again in 6 mths!). Once that is done I think I'll breathe a big sigh of relief. Thankfully I only have to do a big shipment like this once, it really does a number on my nerves and bank account!

Friday, October 8, 2010

the latest update

Well, we survived the 'purge and pack' stage, my Grandma's livingroom is now piled high in boxes, waiting to be shipped down to the ACCTS container next week. Although not everything is done, we got through the sorting of all my 'stuff' (who knew you could accumulate so much in 30 years!)which was the hardest part of the process.
For those who read my blog and are looking for things to pray about I have two items. The first is a bit hard to write as I can't give you all the details, but basically it boils down to, things aren't fully "official" afterall as far as my returning to Sakeji goes. I just found out there are a few more things that need to be said/done first. So your prayers that all the kinks get worked out soon would be great as I don't want to ship all my stuff and then find out I'm not going.
Secondly, I'm not sure if i've mentioned this in my blogs before, but Sakeji has a rather large, ongoing project going on in the building of a new diningroom. They have set the project in stages for financial reasons, building as they are financially able. I would ask for your prayers that these financial needs would be met and our new dining room would be build in a timely fashion.

THanks again for following this and to all you Canadians across the globe, have a Happy THanksgiving!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


So i can now tell the world (or the small group of people that read my blog) that (Lord willing of course) I will be returning to Sakeji School in January! My church has decided to re-commend me to serving the Lord in Zambia for 2 more years. I will (as far as I know)be doing pretty much the same as I was before; teaching grade 1&2 and filling in where needed on the many other tasks and supervision duties that happen at a boarding school. So my next step... getting all the paperwork filled out. :( i'm not a fan of paperwork, but i guess its a nescessary evil. Thankfully I already have my work permit, which will be good for most of the 2 years, and is much easier to renew than it is to obtain in the first place! Now i have to focuss on things like health coverage (OHIP), and what the Canadian government expects from me.

of course on top of that i now have to sort through all the stuff i've gathered in throughout my life and decide if its nescessary to keep it in storage, send it to zambia or just toss it. being the grand daughter of an infamous packrat, i know i have tendencies to be one myself, so this could get messy! this week coming up i'll be taking some time off work to do this in order to get the boxes for zambia packed up in time to catch the next container. to answer your question (i know you're thinking it) if i'm leaving in january, why am i sending boxes now? well, the boxes will leave ontario in late oct/early nov. but they won't actually get to Sakeji school until late Jan/early Feb (if i'm lucky). my parents have graciously agreed to come and help with undertaking this task for which i'm very thankful especially as they've been through this purge'n'pack process themselves.

well, must be off, heading down to the dungeon (basement) to begin the sorting...