Friday, October 8, 2010

the latest update

Well, we survived the 'purge and pack' stage, my Grandma's livingroom is now piled high in boxes, waiting to be shipped down to the ACCTS container next week. Although not everything is done, we got through the sorting of all my 'stuff' (who knew you could accumulate so much in 30 years!)which was the hardest part of the process.
For those who read my blog and are looking for things to pray about I have two items. The first is a bit hard to write as I can't give you all the details, but basically it boils down to, things aren't fully "official" afterall as far as my returning to Sakeji goes. I just found out there are a few more things that need to be said/done first. So your prayers that all the kinks get worked out soon would be great as I don't want to ship all my stuff and then find out I'm not going.
Secondly, I'm not sure if i've mentioned this in my blogs before, but Sakeji has a rather large, ongoing project going on in the building of a new diningroom. They have set the project in stages for financial reasons, building as they are financially able. I would ask for your prayers that these financial needs would be met and our new dining room would be build in a timely fashion.

THanks again for following this and to all you Canadians across the globe, have a Happy THanksgiving!

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