Thursday, January 8, 2015

Trip back part 2

I'm finally back in Zambia! Didn't think I'd survive. Started to feel queasy on the last leg of the trip but I think it was just the waiting in the plane and basically being on the plane for 36 hours! The last leg was only 45 mins and I was too tired to keep my eyes open, but too uncomfortable to sleep. I would have spread out on the extra seats, but they were filled in Harare so no luck there. PTL none of us had trouble at customs and ALL of our bags arrived, although we were beginning to wonder about one of Bethany's bags. It took at least an hour and 1/2 to get through customs, grab our bags and head out. With a "quick" stop at the ATM and a phone store to pick up my new SIM card (having lost my phone in Rome this summer After dropping our stuff at the flight house and washing the "plane grime" off we headed into town for supper at Mug & Bean. We didn't do any shopping other than stopping at the grocery store to buy some milk. The rest of the evening Lina and I spent catching up on the last 6 months. Our flight to Sakeji was at 8am this morning which wasn't too bad. Thankfully I remembered to put on my medicinal patch so I'd defiantly have been sick on the flight as it was not smooth. We drove through clouds and rain the whole way back. Bruce tried to go above or below the clouds but they kept finding us. I was able to snooze a bit so the 3.5 hour flight went by pretty quickly. Jill fed us a yummy lunch and then I came home to unpack my suitcases and boxes and get my house in order again! I will head into my classroom tomorrow and start prepping it for the coming term which starts on the 12th.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

trip back part 1

It has been a LONG trip and it’s not over yet. The flight from Toronto to Addis Ababa was way too long and uncomfortable! I usually take the window seat so I can lean against it and try to sleep. I don’t usually get up much during the flight so it doesn’t matter much. When I booked my seats for this flight I didn’t think about the fact that this flight was longer than my usual flight to London. The middle seat was occupied by an elderly lady who didn’t speak English and expected me to crawl over her to get out. Very awkward! I didn’t get ANY sleep and had very little tea which meant that my head was pounding by the end of the trip. I did finish a mitten I was knitting and got started on the second one. Maybe by the time I get to Sakeji I’ll have a pair done. As our first flight left an hour late we missed out transfer flight… sort of. I’m not sure if they delayed our connection or put us on another plane. Either way we were herded onto various buses and driven to planes that were waiting for us. I was assured that my luggage was going to make the same flight, but I’m not holding my breath on that one. I just hope it arrives before we fly to Sakeji. The second flight (Addis Ababa – Harare) was much nicer! I had 3 seats to myself :) and was able to snooze a bit. It was a much shorter flight (only about 3 hours). I am currently in my seat(s) as the cleaning crew cleans and the gas guys refuel the plane for the final leg of the journey (Harare – Lusaka) this is also a short flight (we actually flew over Zambia to get to Zimbabwe). I am praying this flight goes smoothly as well as customs in Lusaka. It would also be very nice to see my luggage waiting for me! From Lusaka Bethany and I will catch a cab to the CMML Guest House where we’ll join Lina for the night. I can’t wait to have a shower and crawl into bed!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Heading Back

I can't believe my furlough is now over. It started out moving so slowly but I'm not sure where the last 3 months went! If all goes according to plan I fly tomorrow (Tues) just before noon. I won't arrive in Lusaka until Thursday (3 flights to get there this time)and fly up to Sakeji a day or two later. Although it's been a busy time here, because it was a change of scene, it has been relaxing enough that I feel re-charged and ready to take on a new year and a new group of kids. Schools starts up again on the 12th (if I remember right) so i'll have to get right into planning lessons and organizing my classroom! So how am I spending my last night in Canada? Watching the Canada vs Russia hockey game of course. I'm not usually one to watch hockey but it'll be the last time I get to cheer for Canada on Canadian soil for awhile so why not. :) Not sure when i'll get on next but Happy New Year. Let's see what God has in store for 2015!