Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Little stories

I'm working on an update. But until then... here's my kids' first attempt at creative writing. I normally don't tackle this till 3rd term so I'm quite impressed with their efforts. (they were show a picture of a baby black bear in a tree and asked to write a story - 3+ sentences)

The Little Bear
By Patience

My bear Saline plays with me every day. I like my little Saline because she is very cute!
We play hide and seek and she hides in the rough trees.

Sam Bear
By Angela

Sam Bear lives in a valley. Sam likes to live in trees but not in bushes. Sam is so fat he can’t work, so he just eats. His mom still likes him though.

Billy Bear Climbs the Tree
By Chola

Billy Bear plays by climbing the tree with his friends. The tree is fun to climb! Billy Bear is happy when he is playing in the tree. His friends also love to play in the tree.

The Baby Bear
By Kyashi

Ted is a baby bear. He is climbing a rough tree to find his mother. His mom has found him! Ted is happy to see his mom.

By Kamasongu

Jack wants to go to his mom in the tree. He wants to play with his mom and dad. Jack doesn’t know where to go, so he is lost! Finally his mom saw him on the side of the trunk.

By Sammy

The black, baby bear, Samson, likes to climb trees. One day he found a big tree that was scratchy. He still wanted to climb to the top though because it sounded like his mom was up there!
“Samson, oh, Samson!” shouted Mom. “Where are you? It’s time to eat. It’s your favourite! Your friend is here to eat with you.”

The Lost Bear
By Kondwani

Baby Jake is small. He was climbing a big tree but he got lost! He doesn’t know where to go. He misses his Mama. Jake has no place to stay. He is hungry because he has no food. He loves honey the most.

By Melissa

Ted is a real, black bear. He is a baby who still needs his mom. He is in a fat tree because he is looking for his mom. His mom is looking for food for Ted.