Tuesday, April 27, 2010

There wasn't much to blog about on Saturday. I spent most of my day at the Flight House fooling around, killing time. The Baileys took me out for a fancy restaurant called "Raphsodys". The food was pretty good and decently prices (in Canadian terms). After lunch I had them drop me off at a different shopping centre to try and get the rest of the things on my shopping list. I caught another taxi home, this time i was able to direct him how to get there. (i was so proud of myself ;) ).

Sunday morning came and i had a bit of a problem. I had forgotten when i was packing that i'd be there for a SUnday. i was so excited at the prospect of wearing pants in Lusaka that i forgot to pack any skirts! This was a problem. I also didn't have my Bible (as it was too heavy) which meant no headcovering and no letter of commendation. I was saved however, by another missionary who provided everything i had forgotten except the letter, which wasn't a problem. I went to the first english church service i have been to in a very long time!I was kind of disappointed tho' b/c although i loved that the singing was in english, they also sang like the english speakers... which quite frankly is kind of sad. However it was a nice service none the less. After church we went to Arcades (the nice shopping centre) grabbed some lunch at Zamchic (like KFC) and then went out to enjoy the Sunday market. It was awesome! there were vendors from all over selling their arts and crafts! I can't even remember everything that was there. the best part was i got to barter for it! i didn't barter too much because everything was quite cheap (in canadian funds) already and they were having a bad selling day b/c the weather wasn't so great. I spent way more then i intended to but loved every minute of it! When i was laden down with bags i found a taxi and went back to the flight house.
some very cool stuff that i wanted to get, but decided was a little too big

some beautiful handmade cars - again i sadly didn't get any

I was invited out for supper with 2 girls who had been working at Kalene Hospital for the past 3 months. I had only met them a few time before and didn't know them that well but went with them anyways. We had so much fun, a girls night out of laughing and joking. After a fabulous supper (again at Rapsody's) we went for a walk to walk off all the food. we found the grocery store was open so we wandered around it for awhile before buying some junk food and drinks. we went back to our taxi (he waited the whole time for us) and drove back to the flight house where we hung out a little more. It was great meeting and making new friends! I'm kinda sad though because they've both gone back to their home countries now (canada and new zealand) and who knows if we'll see each other again but it was fun while it lasted. :)

Lydia and her seafood platter

Jo eating "death by chocolate"

the bill

Monday i woke up early to catch a ride to the airport to pick up Crystal. i wasn't even sure if she had caught her flights, but i prayed that she'd be there... and she was! it was so exciting to see her! the poor girl was totally exhausted but we took her back to the flight house and see revived a bit after a shower and some breakfast. after killing a bit of time at the flight house and the airport we finally got on the bigger of the 2 cesnas and were on our way. We made a shop in Zambezi to pick up 2 other Sakeji staff members and made it back home by 5ish. The flight wasn't so bad (for me) Crystal didn't enjoy it quite so much as she wasn't feeling too well. Now i'm safe and sound back at Sakeji. i'm just waiting for Crystal and Lina to get up so we can plan our day. yes, for once i'm the first one up! it's quite shocking really!

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