Monday, April 19, 2010

bumpity bump bump

Yesterday was a good day. The Ronalds, Lina and myself went out to an assembly i haven't been to yet in a little village which i think is called Sachibandu (or something like that). when we arrived there i realized i had been to this little church with my parents when we were out here before. although it is a small group their singing is truly amazing! with the exception of the hard wooden benches and lack of leg room (even for my short legs, poor lina!) i really enjoyed my time there. after the service we bumped and bounced our way back home over the 'amazing' roads. after a delicious but hurried lunch at the Ronalds we packed ourselves back into the land cruiser and headed out again. this time we were headed to Kalene for the joint prayer meeting. Kalene is in the same direction as the village we had been in that morning, so we saw some of the same people along the roadway as we bounced on by. we haven't been able to get out to Kalene this term because the roads were so bad. they have dried up alot but were still quite slick in spots. i'm glad i wasn't driving! we arrived a little late but so had others so really we were just in time. it was nice to meet all the Kalene folk as they are all new to me with the exception of Alice Turner. we actually didn't go into kalene mission station but rather were at the CMML Flight Services, where the Poidevins and Loudons live. This is also new since i was here last, and quite impressive! they have built a guest resort out behind their houses which is truly amazing! Lina and i decided we might have to stay there some weekend as a getaway once the term starts up again. :) the prayer meeting was nice with lots of people to share and sing with. it's so nice to be able to sing the hymns in english once in awhile. :) our trip home took a little longer as Mr. Ronald had to navigate the horrible potholes and crevesis in the dark but we made it back safely even if we had a bit of whiplash ;) lina and i finished out the day by watching the old "around the world in 80 days" movie. i used to love that movie as a kid, this time i found it dragged a little and was un-nessecarily long! however it was still enjoyable. earlier this week we went into a time warp and watched an old vhs (which i believe my grandma taped for my family 13 yrs ago) of Seaquest dsv. it was truly funny to watch as i haven't seen or heard anything about it since i was here last. my parents, chris and i used to watch it every sunday night after the disney movie. for those who have never heard of it, it was a star treck-like show only it took place under water in a ship called 'seaquest'. lina did a little research after we watched it and found out it was supposed to take place in 2018 (i think) which is quite funny now, as that's not too far off. if you want to check it out, i think you can download some episodes off the internet or at least see some clips on you-tube.

before i close this off, i have a prayer request to add. i'm sure many of you have now heard of the volcano that is erupting on Iceland, this is causing all flights to be grounded/cancelled which is affecting a lot of people including me. although i am not flying to or from Europe i was planning on flying to Lusaka on wednesday, however the person who is paying for the majority of the flight is supposed to be flying in from canada tomorrow. at the present time his flight has been cancelled, which means that my flight to lusaka has also been cancelled, unless i charter the plane. At US$1200 i told them i had to pass on that. however, it might come down to that as i need to be in lusaka by friday to pick up my work permit. please pray that things sort themselves out soon! also my friend Crystal is supposed to be flying in from Canada to meet me on Monday. i'm not sure if her flights have been cancelled yet as they're not saying that far in advance, but things don't look good at the moment. :(

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