Sunday, April 11, 2010

The rains came down and the floods went up...

Last night we had a small flood of our own in 'Valley View'. Last night after visiting with some of the other staff, Lina and i ran home through the rain, not knowing how bad of a storm we were actually having. This morning we awoke to find the kitchen and bathroom flooded as well as some puddles in the hall and livingroom. Apparently we got 3 inches of rain last night!the water must have come down the roadway like a river, judging by the debris left behind. it took a side course down our walkway and pooled on our front step. this is the what usually happens and there is always a puddle at our front door after a rain. however this time the water was such that it went under our door and into our kitchen. it filled our "sewer" which backed up the toilet and resulted in a flooded bathroom. not very nice to wake up to. i also woke up to an upset stomach, again. so today has not been a very good day. the Ronalds got a call this morning to tell them that the 'Cottage' was floating away. They went out to investigate and sure enough the river had risen so much that the outer walls of the cottage had indeed floated away. all that is left is the inner walls and miraculously, the roof. we are turning into a chota (hut with no walls) of sorts until it can be rebuilt or replaced. the cottage has been there for a long time (i was told nearly 40 years) so it is a sad day. as lina and i were whining as we mopped up the kitchen i suddenly thought of my friends in the villages. i hope they were able to escape most of the flooding. unlike our houses, their houses are not built to last a long time. where we are able to fortify ours with cement, theirs are made with bricks made out of clay (as was the cottage). to put things further into perspective, i decided to study Genesis 6-9. so even though the thunderclouds are rolling over head, and we're sure to have another huge storm tonight, i know that "this too shall pass". At least i HAD a house to mop out this morning! :)

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