Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And so ends the term....

part one: (written Apr 6th)
The days the children have been counting down to have finally arrived. End of term is here! Yesterday was the last official day of school. Today the first 2 groups of children left by plane at 7am as the rest of us were sitting down for breakfast. Thankfully the weather was nice and clear and everyone arrived at their destinations safely. the second wave of students left this afternoon and the planes are just arriving back after safe flights. Praise the Lord. Tomorrow morning the remaining students (except 2) will be flying out either at 7am, 8am or noon. The last flights will be on Thursday morning. We are praying for good weather for flying as well as safe flights for all. I seriously can't believe that my time here is nearly 1/2 done! How did that happen? It's hard to believe but now that the report cards are all printed out and the children are leaving it's starting to sink in.
this past week i've been fighting off a bug, which finally caught up with me yesterday. After spending all afternoon and evening in bed and having nothing to eat all day i awoke quite famished at 3am. i was a little afraid to eat as i hadn't been able to keep anything down yesterday, but the medicine seems to have worked as i was able to handle lunch and afternoon tea. so i guess i'm on the mend. :) I'm still feeling a little light headed and weak but i'm sure i'll be much better tomorrow after a good supper and a full nights sleep!
i am really looking forward to the next month. time to relax, visit with friends ( i even have a friend coming from Canada to visit me!), get caught up on sleep and plan for the next term. Yes, i know this term just ended, but i'm hoping to have next term somewhat planned out before i fully relax and take a vacation. the rest of this week and next i'll be spending time re-arranging my classroom, doing bulletin boards etc. of course i'll also be sleeping in and swimming in the afternoon, can't work TOO much ;) to those of you whom i owe a letter/email, i plan to get onto that this week as well, starting tonight.
to end on a happy note, my work permit has been found! funny thing is i didn't know it was lost. we thought i just hadn't been processed yet. a friend of the school went into the immigration office in Lusaka to find out why mine was taking so long and found out that it has been finished since February only they forgot to record that it was done in the book! (TIA!!) so when i go in they will ask me if it's been writen in the book, to which i have to reply "yes" even though it's still not there, because if i say 'no' they won't even bother to look for it. can you tell this is a government operation??
well, that is it for now, the supper bell is about to ring and i don't want to miss another meal!

pt 2: (written Apr 7)

So this morning was not as beautiful and sunny as yesterday. in fact it was quite the opposite, gloomy, overcast and raining. this caused the flights with the students to be delayed several hours. in fact at one point we weren't sure if they were going to get any flights out at all today. however, the technology is an amazing thing and after watching the weather radars for a bit the pilots determined that if they could get past the rain clouds hovering over Sakeji, there were clear skies the rest of the way. so out they went and they brought the nice clear, sunny weather back with them! :) all 4 flights have now left (the last one not that long ago) so we have a handful of students left waiting for their morning flights. the Lord is so good! I am feeling 99% better which is great! fully restored and ready for a break :) at the teacher's meeting this morning it became apparent that this next term is going to be a tiring one! we're losing 3 teachers and only getting 1 coming in. this makes it much harder for scheduling, getting times off etc. as i worked on my schedule today i realized i may lose my afternoon off entirely. :( such a sad thought. this is not set in stone yet so i'm not going to mourn the loss just now. i'm still praying for a miracle! those afternoons off can sometimes be the difference between a good or bad week. when you work at a boarding school it really is a "full" time job!
well, i must go make sure my casserole is ready for the potluck supper tonight. tootles!

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