Thursday, March 25, 2010

Surrounded by water...

Well it's finally happened we are unofficially cut off from the outside world. Yesterday when one of the short termers was leaving he was supposed to fly out but our airstrip is now under water (for the most part) which does not make for safe landings and is difficult for take off. he was driven to Kalene airstrip which is thankfully still usable. the road to Kalene is pretty bad though so very few are even attempting to drive it. According to Pete Fisher (expat who runs the farm and gave reserve who has a helicopter)some of the roads look like rivers from the air. we've had LOTS of rain everyday and night this week. Yesterday when we went down to the swimming pool the water (which comes into it from the river) was overflowing the pool. Mr. ROnald showed us the waterline from where the river had overflowed its banks in the night. by afternoon it had receeded at least a metre and 1/2 but was still higher then normal and going MUCH faster. it would have been PERFECT for tubing, but the tubes were all put away.

I'm not sure if i've mentioned this before (i don't read my own blog :P) but due to the bad road conditions the food and supply trucks haven't been able to get supplies here for the local people. because there is so much rain they are unable to dry their casava (staple food, which is dried and used like a flour) so many are getting desparate. the maize (corn) and other crops are rotting in the fields. the people are getting so desparate for food that they are practically rioting when Pete Fisher brings Meili-meal (corn meal) by in his trucks heading to sell it in various places. He now has to take bring a police officer along to ensure peace is kept. It makes me feel so guilty b/c I've been whining that the container couldn't reach us. at least we aren't starving! we still get 3 very filling meals a day, plus 2 tea breaks. really makes one stop and think before whining! I have SO much to be thankful for here! Lina and felt particularily bad b/c we just bought a large bag of meali-meal to make meals for our dog... lucky dog! we're trying to think of ways of helping out the people without showing favourtism or starting riots and such. so far we're not sure what to do. please pray for the village people and that we'll be able to find a way of sharing our bounty with those who have nothing.

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