Monday, March 1, 2010

Proud 2 B Canadian!!

Everyday since the Olympics started 2 weeks ago i have faithfully checked out the medal standings (using up precious bandwidth) to keep my class informed. as Zambia was not in the Olympics and all my students are Zambians, each one got to choose a country to cheer on. Although only one of them was allowed to choose Canada (there was a small fight over that) they all cheered with me when Canada got their first gold. of course they didn't understand the significance of it, but they were happy none the less. i have been shocked to see Canada hold it's own in the top 5 the whole time! I know that doesn't sound very patriotic, but it's the way it usually goes. we usually seems to start off well, win a few medals and then step aside and let the rest of the world take it's share. but i must say that when i booted up my computer today and read the stats i was not only shocked and thrilled but extremely proud to be Canadian! we finished 3rd in the medal ranking, but i quite literally danced with glee to see WE GOT THE MOST GOLD MEDALS!!! so while canada is still rejoicing at home (it's 1am in ontario, and knowing my fellow canadians there is still much parting to be had!) please know that my class will be having a small canada party here in zambia! i wish i had been there to watch canada beat the US (sorry to my american friends, but i know you would feel the same had it been the other way around) so if anyone taped the 2 games (both the women's and mens) please send me a copy! if you need my address let me know. well, i must come back to earth and prepare for class, the kiddos will be here in 10 mins.
from one proud Canadian to the world "HA! TOO BAD YOU CAN'T ALL BE CANADIAN!EH?" ;)

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