Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Here!

Finally the long awaited for Canadian container has arrived at Sakeji! it arrived in Zambia awhile ago but we just got our boxes this morning... at 4am! The men packed up 2 trailers hitched to tractors and 3 landrovers and headed out from Mwinilunga at 4pm. The landrovers got through without too many problems but the tractors got bogged down in the mud. ironic isn't it that they had to get the landcruisers to go back and pull out the tractors! anyhow, they eventually got here. i feel sorry for the men driving the tractors on these roads for more then 12 hours! that couldn't have been too comfortable!
i was so excited i unpacked my boxes during rest hour, only to find out 2 hrs later that i was supposed to weigh them first. :( wish they had told me that when they dropped off the boxes! now i have to pack the boxes back up and weigh them. what a hassle! for those packing boxes in the future. if you could possibly weigh them and write the weight (pounds or kilos doesn't matter) on the side or top that would be awesome! saves a lot on this end.
well i'm gonna keep this one short. got lots of repacking/unpacking to do!

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