Sunday, September 16, 2012

The term is off to a good start, things seem to be running fairly smoothly. We have 3 new (part-time)staff this term: Jessica Russel (the the UK), and Mylon and Melina Ollila. Jessica is shadowing Lina in the mornings and helping out with others the rest of the day. She will be taking over my Grade 1 Scripture class in a few weeks and helping me with reading groups. Mylon has mostly been helping with maintenance but I believe he is also helping with a few of the upper classes. Melina is helping me with Kozo for a few classes(just supporting him with staying ontract etc)and is working in the office as well. They are all doing a lot of after school activities as well. So far they seem to be fitting in fine. I have been enjoying having June around. She heads out to the orphanage each morning, comes home for a lunch break and then does a few hours in the afternoon back at the children's home. She has dragged me out (willingly i admit) to help her a few times with organizing container boxes and painting the new building. Although it's not exactly relaxing, i don't mind as it's at least "different" from the work here. Please pray for our students as we begin our final term of the year. My prayer is that they will all put forth their best effort and finish well, but more importantly that they will seek Christ in all they do.

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