Sunday, September 2, 2012

Livingstone-Lusaka (pt 5)

Our taxi driver got the wrong time and arrived an hour early to take us to the bus. I was SO not impressed as I had only had a couple of hours sleep. We finally dragged ourselves up and got dressed and packed only to have him say he’d come back at the right time. TIA. We still managed to make it to the bus stop 15 minutes early. The ride back to Lusaka was not as nice as the one out (no business class) but I was really too tired to care. Lina met us at the bus station and took us out to Mugg n Bean for a very late (but much needed) lunch. That afternoon we all had a nap as we were all pretty exhausted. The next morning we began our ‘shopping spree’. As the container boxes hadn’t arrived yet my pantry was pretty bare and with June coming I needed to get some groceries. We spent the rest of our time in Lusaka getting groceries and other necessities. On our way back to Sakeji we again overnighted in Kitwe. Unfortunately I had another dentist appointment to keep as the fillings the last dentist put in didn’t work. I found a new dentist and spent more money having the same tooth filled again. I’d like to say this will be the last time; unfortunately I have to go back at Christmas to get a cap put on. Merry Christmas to me. :( The rest of the trip back to Sakeji was pretty uneventful; just really uncomfortable as the 3 of us were squished in the front the whole was as we had to carry back 4- 50kg backs of chicken food and a photocopier for the school as well as all our stuff. We did have a scary moment between Kitwe and Solwezi when we realized that we had forgotten to fill up with gas and basically rode into solwezi on fumes and prayers! Praise the Lord we made it home safe and sound. I think I’ll stay put for a little while now… at least until next holidays. :)

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