Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sakeji-Lusaka (pt 1)

Lina and I leisurely drove down to Lusaka with a quick overnight in Kitwe. We stopped a few times for pictures, food and ice cream and diesel . On Monday the 20th we picked up a very tired June at the airport and then went to the RTSA (road traffic) place to see if I could get my licence. It was not to be… the lady didn’t like my medical paper, first saying it was not acceptable because it was done at a private clinic (Kalene Hospital) and then because it was too old (4 mths instead of 2). I have now come to the conclusion that I am not meant to get my Zambian licence! The rest of the day we spent “shopping” and sorting out June’s suitcases. That evening June and I packed out backpacks for our bus trip to Livingstone. We ended the day with a nice restaurant supper.

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