Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lusaka – Livingstone (pt 2)

Tuesday morning the 3 of us squeezed into the front of the two-seater pick up, not the most comfortable but it was a short trip to the bus station. I was a little unsure of the bus trip for two reasons, 1) June gets car sick and 2) my last bus trip in Lusaka left much to be desired. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that a “business class” bus is much nicer. They even served us a snack and pop and we each had a small tv in the back of the seat ahead of us; of course there was nothing much to watch. Thankfully June was fine and the 6 hr. trip went pretty quickly. When we arrived in Livingstone we were able to quickly find a taxi to take us to our lodge. The Stone Guest House, though not as posh as advertised, was quite nice and comfortable. After settling in we had a taxi come pick us up to take us to supper. The driver was quite helpful and even took us to the craft market and grocery store before we went out for out lovely meal. After supper our cabby took us back to the lodge where we had a good night stay.

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