Tuesday, March 22, 2011

quick update

just a few words before i head off to bed.
can't believe we're in the final few weeks of term! two weeks left (starting tomorrow)! started on entering report cards grades last night. it always amazes me how long this process takes. as ever, i'm hopeful that it won't take quite as long this time.... we'll see.

my term break plans are beginning to take shape; other then the obvious relaxing and then planning for next term and re-arranging the classroom... Lina and i have decided to take a week-long "road trip" to Lusaka. We're still in the planning stage, but today we actually settled on the most probable dates and route (well, not really the 'route' as there's really one 1 main road, but stops and such). the point of our trip is three-fold:
2)getting (hopefully) our Zambian liscences
3)getting off station and having some fun (not TOO much of course, we are after all still missionaries) ;)

the last little bit of news is that i'm getting a (young)cat! :) I know this may not be exciting to most readers, but i'm rather excited as i really miss having a feline friend around the house, maybe she'll keep the lizards at bay. (saw a HUGE one in my living room on Saturday). the parents of one of the grade 7 students are looking for a new home for a "kitten" (nearly a year old) as they'll be going on furlough soon. so she should be coming up in 2 weeks when they come. :) of course this means i'll haveto find someone to look after her while i gallavant around the country shortly after that, but i'm sure that won't be tooo much of a problem as cats usually fend for themselves a good deal.

well that's it for now. i'm off to bed!

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