Friday, April 1, 2011

time to relax... well almost

ahhhh... report cards done. at least i think they're done. inevitably i'll get a little note in my box tomorrow telling me i missed some comment or grade, but that i can handle. poor Lina is still plugging away at hers as she has grade 5 & 6 marks as well as the whole school's music marks and comments. so glad that's NOT me!
i can't believe how quickly this week has flown by, i was looking forward to my friday afternoon off all week and then i spent the whole afternoon doing report cards so i feel rather cheated. :( this is my weekend on, but i don't have too many duties so will have time to relax somewhat. then monday is the last full day of classes, tuesday and wednesday are half days and wednesday afternoon/thurs morn the kids leave. HURRAY! we're definately all in need of some time away from each other.

exciting things that have happened this week:
1) 2 baby lambs (3 days old)arrived at the school yesterday from the farm. they're orphans and Pete Fisher tho't we (the school) might enjoy raising them. i think he just didn't want to bother with the several times a night feedings! they are SO cute! they look like baby goats (as all sheep here do) except their tails go down (goat's tails stick up). that's pretty much the only way we can tell the difference here. they're not 'whooly' sheep like back home.
2) Janet read a whole sentence without assistance! (i guess this should have been my first exciting thing, but i was thinking about the lambs first.) she will be coming back next term (i didn't really get a say in the matter) but will probably be repeating grade one (unless there is a drastic improvement in the next two terms).

i'm sure there are other things i should be blogging about but my brain shut down several hours ago so i'm off to bed!

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