Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Term one is done!

Well, i managed to survive to the end (or pretty close). I was right about the report cards, i did miss something... one whole report but i got it done in no time and was one of the (if not the) first to have mine ready. (that's gotta be a first for me!)

the rest of our week flew by and this morning i got up in time (barely) to say goodbye to the first lot of kids to fly out, as well as Bethany Fuller who is going on furlough. My class spent the morning watching videos and playing in the beautiful sunshine anxiously anticipating the arrival of their parents. At 1pm the children are allowed to go to the 'round about' to sit and watch the parents arrive. At 1:30 the parent-teacher interviews begin. this is what i was dreading! i've never enjoyed the interviews but they were all rather quick here and i only had 4 show up so most of the time i spent sitting in my classroom kinda bored.

just before 1:30 my new kitty arrived! she's SO cute but rather timid/shy at the moment. i had to leave her alone to explore the house as i had to get to the interviews. when i came back an hour later she was NO where to be found! it was then i discovered the open window with a convenient chair sitting right underneath it. we spent some time looking for her but i again had to return to interviews so i spent the rest of the time worrying about her as there's a rather dense bush area behind my house and lots of traffic today. around 4pm i returned to my house, still no sign of Callie. Lina joined me for a cup of tea and a time of relaxing then a huge storm hit with crazy winds blowing the rain (and trees) everywhere. Suddenly i remembered the open windows upstairs! i ran up and sure enough the rain was pouring through and everything was soaked! Lina grabbed some of my towels from linen closet and rushed up to help clean up. while we were up there we heard a cat cry! lina ran down to open the down but she wasn't outside. when i went back downstairs to look for her i found her in the linen closet. she had been hiding under my bathtub (as there's a little crawlspace under it). i was able to pet her a bit and then she charged back under the tub (gotta cover that hole!) and has decided to stay there for now. hopefully she'll get used to me soon, she has, after all had a rather tramatic few days of travel.

well i'm off to celebrate with a lina, watching a movie and treats. :)

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