Monday, April 11, 2011

fixing a 'faux-pas'

I was told that i have commited a blogger faux-pas... i have blogged about a kitten without showing pictures. i will try and rectify that now. although in my defense, it is extremelty hard to get a picture of Callie as i only see her in the wee hours of the morning & she's hardly a kitten anymore as she'll be a year next month.

(blogger won't let me post a pic at this time; will try again tomorrow...sorry!)

in other news i've been really enjoying my current freedom, although i have yet been able to sleep in past 6:30am thanks to Callie and the station kids. I spent a good part of yesterday morning cleaning and re-arranging my bedroom (for the first time since moving in). Then when my allergies where beyond coping with i went out for some fresh air and then over to Lina's house for sewing. Quite an enjoyable afternoon. :)

Today i got up and made an awesome breaky for myself, Lina and Rachel then the 3 of us drove off into Ikelenge for a few errands and "shopping". Lina and I are trying to get used to the Patrol before we attempt our driving tests. When we got back, Lina and i drove up to the airstrip to practice the dreaded backing up through pylons test. this is the stupidest test i have ever seen for driving. i'm not sure when i would ever use the technique needed to get through the narrow cones backwards unless of course reverse was the only option available on my vehicle. :S

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