Sunday, March 13, 2011

Half term and other fun

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been having some trouble with my blog account and the internet. It seems it’s rather hit and miss if it will let me post or not.
Things have been as busy as ever! We celebrated birthday party with famous people (the theme of the night) and despite the crazy thunderstorm that kept knocking out the power, we had a lot of fun.
Today (Friday) is the first day of our second ½ term break (we get two in 1st and 3rd terms) and although it’s been rather fun, it’s also been somewhat painful for me. This morning as I was fooling around playing basketball with some of the kids, I tripped (I blame it entirely on the uneven court which is full of holes!) anyhow, i knew I was going down and as I tried to do it without landing on the court (which would mean a great loss of skin) or landing on one of the grade 2 students I ended up landing pinkie finger first on the grass. Although the landing ended up being softer then the court my poor finger is sprained and turning all kinds of wonderful colours (much to the amusement of the students). I also somehow managed to injure one of my toes (I was playing barefoot in true Zambian style) which is also a pretty shade of purple. Most people would have learned their lesson and called it quits for the day. I however, don’t know when to quit! :S about ½ an hour later the staff were having a netball practice (we’re trying to learn how to play as we have a game against the senior students tomorrow) and of course I couldn’t resist. Unfortunately today seems to be my clutzy day as I found myself on the ground again, this time losing all the skin on my right knee and of course it didn’t help my finger any! I have decided that like most non-contact sports netball can be very dangerous! I much prefer basketball as it makes so much more sense! I was forever getting into trouble for getting to close to the oponents; you have to stay 3 feet away from whoever has the ball… what kinda lame game is this? Of course, I’ll still play tomorrow morning, can’t resist a good clash up with the students… just hope I don’t break a leg or I won’t be able to play soccer in the afternoon!

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