Sunday, March 6, 2011

blog is giving me grief!

for some unknown reason Blogspot has been giving me trouble, hence the reason i haven't posted in awhile. i've tried several times and everytime i tell it to post it shuts me out. so here goes one more time... the following post was written after LAST weekend. i'll try and get a more updated on tomorrow or tuesday... if all works well

The past week has been busy, crazy and yet still fun. As I mentioned in my last post, the container boxes arrived on Tuesday, bringing with it much excitement and work. Since then my house has looked like a war zone with boxes exploding everywhere! I’m slowly finding a “place” for everything and with my pictures and curtains up and my dishes and such in the cupboards, it’s finally feeling like MY home and not like I’m staying in someone else’s house. As well as the added work from the containers, the board members came to Sakeji on Thursday for their annual meeting which took place Friday. This meant extra time spent “socializing” and getting to know them and not getting marking and such done. A blessing from having the board members around is that some of them brought their wives or visitors which meant extra hands willing to help the students who are struggling. I was also able to do a “field trip” of sorts as 3 ladies volunteered to help out. In Science we have been learning about our senses, and most recently our sense of smell. So we did a smelling tour of the school. Starting at the work shop and wandering around past the garden (and compost heaps) etc. The kids had a blast smelling the various things and had to take notes of what they smelled and if it was a good or bad smell. We all had a great time and hopefully they learned something. But by lunch on Friday I was so glad it was my afternoon off! I convinced Rachel to come for a ride with me (it’s her afternoon off as well) so it didn’t really take all that much convincing. I borrowed Jill’s truck and headed out for an “afternoon on the town”. Of course we chose a bad time to go into the market as everyone was still on their lunch breaks even though it was 1:45. I guess they get longer lunch breaks then we do! We found a few shops open and did some “clothes” shopping, picking up some yitengi (material) to make some new clothes and some more ‘talk time’ for our phones. Our next stop was at the post office, but sadly there was no mail. :( By this time we were melting in the heat and humidity; so we made one more stop at the butchery to stock my freezer with some meat for my time- off meals. Our shopping complete, we returned to Sakeji, and I began working on my boxes again.
Saturday after lunch was the beginning of my weekend off so I skipped lunch and kept tackling the house. The Ferguson’s (related to the Fisher’s who own the farm) invited all the staff (or those who could make it) to their house for the afternoon/evening so a crew of us went over. I helped roll out tortilla’s (we had to make several batches as there were about 20 of us) for tacos. We had a great time playing volleyball, badminton and various other activities and of course the food was fabulous. We finished off the evening around a bonfire. What an AMAZING day! And the weather was PERFECT! Sunday arrived with glorious weather and those of us who were off duty filled a vehicle and headed out to Sahandu (one of my favourite churches) ½ way to Kalene Hospital. We had a great time of fellowship with the saints there and then spent some time visiting with one of the elders who wasn’t able to make it to church as he has been ill. We arrived back at Sakeji to find they had NOT had such a wonderful morning. One of my grade one students had fallen off the monkey bars and broke her wrist! Unfortunately Kalene Hospital does not do x-rays on Sundays, so she didn’t get her cast on until today. (poor kid!) That was not the last injury of the day, but was the most significant one. Apparently the rest of the day was full of accidents, bumps and bruises and bandaids. I’m SO glad I was not on duty! :) After such a wonderful weekend (for me anyhow) I have to say it was a little hard to wake up this morning and go back to the “daily grind” of classes but we all survived the day intact! Please pray for Abigail, that her wrist will heal quickly, poor kid is gonna miss out on most of the 2nd ½ term fun. Thankfully it was her left wrist and she is right handed, so she’ll be able to keep up with her school work. Ok, enough rambling! I promised some pics but right now i'm just hoping this will post. pics to come (hopefully) or check them out on facebook.

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