Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the container boxes have arrived!

Here at Sakeji excitement is running high and energy is running low. It’s not the students I refer to but the staff. This morning, just before lunch the ‘lorry’ (truck) pulled in loaded down with our boxes from the Canadian container (which was shipped in October). Christmas has come! Unfortunately it means a full day (especially for the men) of sorting boxes and hauling them to the appropriate buildings. Many hands were required for unpacking the food order to ensure it had all arrived and was put away in it’s proper place. Yay! We’ll get fed for another term or two. :)
It was quite exciting to see them loading up the back of a pick-up truck with all the boxes that were headed to my house and even more exciting as they arrived and I started to peek through them. But the novelty quickly wore off as I started having to weigh them all and record how much they way and check the numbers to see if they have all arrived yet. When I left my house t 2pm to return to class they had not all arrived yet, but I’m hoping they’ll be there when I go down after prep today. Just 10 more minutes! Then the fun begins. Ripping into the boxes to see what’s inside. Most of them shouldn’t be a surprise as I packed them at my house (see blogs in October) but some of them I haven’t seen before so it’ll be a nice surprise. Thanks SO much in advance to those of you who packed and shipped boxes. I’m sure I’ll enjoy everything inside. I’ll have pictures up next post.

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