Sunday, February 6, 2011

So Sorry!!!

I have tried to write/post several times over the last few weeks but have had lots of problems with the internet and storms. SO... here is a blog written last Wednesday and I'll try and post again on tomorrow or Tuesday.....

Sorry about the delay in updating my blog. It seems like every time i have a spare moment, the internet is not working or there is a storm and we’ve had to turn it off. So I’m typing this now well the internet is off in hopes that as soon as it comes back on I’ll be able to post.
Things have been flying along, some days faster then others. I am always so shocked at how quickly the months go by when you’re kept busy. My 19 students are certainly keeping me on my toes! I have had days (and sometimes weeks) where I’m ready to pack it all in and find an easier, more boring job; but then one of the students will do or say something and I remember why I’m here and how I actually DO love teaching. :)
My grade one students are slowly beginning to learn the classroom rules and understanding commands/questions in English, but it is definatley a daily struggle for us all! The past few days have been most encouraging as the one student who I’ve been the most worried/stressed about is finally coming around. She is still a real handful (not behaviour, just academic) and very much behind, but the light is beginning to dawn which is so exciting! She actually was able to read words for the first time today and I almost hugged her! I don’t want to get too excited about it yet, because I know that one day they’ll ‘get it’ and the next they won’t remember anything; but we’re definitely headed in the right direction. I was going to say it just gets easier from here, but I know that’s not entirely true. Rachel has been a great help and has moved on from being a teacher’s assistant to actually teaching the grade 2’s math and language/grammar. This has allowed me to focus and work more on the grade ones, specifically those who are behind. Joint classes (social studies, science, health etc) are still rather draining, but that’s not unusual.
The other thing which I’m quite excited about is that we’re starting a Ladies Bible study for the staff/teachers of Sakeji tomorrow. It’s one thing I really felt was missing last year when I was here. Although we are daily in the Word with the kids, sometimes I feel like I’m missing an ‘adult’ perspective. I’m not sure who all will come, but I know it will be a good time of sharing and fellowship.
Well I must go and get changed so I’m ready for swimming lessons when the bell rings! Not really looking forward to it today as it’s kind of a cold, wet day. But who knows, maybe things will change in the next 30 mins… it’s been known to happen before. :)

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