Thursday, February 17, 2011

boosters are no fun!

Tuesday I had the wonderful priviledge of getting a rabies booster. It was totally different from the last one I got which was inter-muscular. This one was more like a TB test where it just goes under the skin. It "pinched" a bit going in, but that was it. I was told that it might get itchy so was quite impressed with myself when it wasn't bothering me at all... until this morning. Today I woke up with a large red slightly swollen circle on my arm that is INSANELY itchy at times. of course, like anything really itchy, I'm not allowed to scratch it! :( so instead i've scratched away all the skin everywhere BUT the place that's itchy hoping it will somehow help... of course it doesn't. The grade one students, who got the needle at the same time as me (most of whom were quite brave about it) seem to be having no problems. i asked if they were itchy and they said "no" and seemed to think it was quite amusing that mine was. how fair is that?!

other then that not too much is going on. mark ronald headed down to the copper belt to help pack a truck with some of the container boxes and will be bringing some back with him when he returns this weekend. the stuff he'll be bringing will most likely be food stuffs for the kichen, but it's very exciting that we'll be getting the boxes soon (Lord willing, if the roads hold). We've had a lot of rain, but not nearly as much as I remember from last year. thankfully the last few days the rain has been mostly at night or when we're in buildings (school or dining room). unfortunately i seem to have misplaced my umbrella and so have gotten wet a few times running from building to building.:S

i guess that's about it for now. can't think cuz i just need to scratch this thing on my arm! ahhh...

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