Tuesday, January 18, 2011

so much to do... so little energy!

(written yesterday)

I am still amazed at how quickly children zap all your energy from you! It's not fair really because they're aready have SO much; do they really need to expend ours as well? Currently enjoying the 15 mins of quiet time (known as prayers) but am starting to cringe as the clock ticks closer to the supper hour as the silence will be broken once again.
It has been most interesting and as i mentioned already, draining getting to know these little students of mine. today 8 of 10 of my grade ones now know their short vowel sounds. we'll see how many of them remember them tomorrow as we move on to the consonants. there's the bell for supper back in a bit...

Rachel has been a big help! She has agreed to teach the grade 2's math; which makes it easier for me to teach the grade ones (less distractions with the other class in another room). Hopefully we'll be able to do the same thing for language/phonics as well. Last year I was stressing at having 2 students that were so far behind in reading; this year it's the norm for grade one and I have a grade 2 that is still learning her sounds. Right now my prayer for each day is for strength and lots of patience to get through the day. I think things will get easier as we go along as the students will learn what is expected of them, also those who aren't fluent in English will pick it up from the constant exposure.

My problem student from last year, who was sent home after the first term, is back. So far she has behaved herself. Although I had to speak to her a few times today, she is doing significantly better then last year in both her attitude and academics. Praise the Lord!

Well, I think I am going to go home, have a nice cup of tea, put my feet up and lose myself in a good book. :D

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