Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On to the next leg of the journey...

This morning is sadly my last morning in Ireland. :( I'm currently sitting killing time (and Euros) at the airport kiosk. We got up early and jetted down to Dublin to be sure I made it in time for my flight only to find out (an hour after checking in bags and all) that my flight was cancelled. I went back to the desk and was told that the flight was cancelled due to bad weather, however he could place me on the next flight which will leave an hour later. I'm not sure where the "bad weather" is supposed to be, but here in Dublin the sun is actually shining and there are very few clouds to be seen in the sky. Of course as my bag had already gone through it caused a few problems as he had to make sure that my bag was transferred to the next flight as well. I have to say I won't be at all surprised to arrive and find my bag never made it, although I'll be rather upset if that does happen.
So my long wait in Heathrow is cut shorter, but it means a longer wait here in Dublin. I think Heathrow might be a bit better place to be stuck as it's larger, more to see etc. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to deal with it. Praying there are no problems with picking up my stored luggage in Heathrow and catching my connecting flight!
Next blog from Sakeji, Lord willing!

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