Sunday, March 13, 2011

the fun has ended once again...

Sadly 1/2 term is over now and school must begin again tomorrow. My finger is nearly back to it's normal size and colour after swelling up like a balloon and changing to the various colours in the rainbow!

The staff vs students games all went quite well considering it was only our 2nd time playing netball (first for some) and it's been a very long time (if ever) for some of us and basketball as well! I can't remember the scores but we had to play 2 games of each sport (we also played football aka Soccer) first with the 5 & 6's and then against the 7 & 8's. I THINK we won or tied all our games, but the students may have beaten us in one of the basketball games. We only had 8 players for our soccer matches (some were injured from the previous sports) but we still managed to beat them. :) it was a much closer match this time though, which was more fun to play. these kids definately need to learn more of the soccer rules though (some of the staff too) as there were some horrible throw-ins and constant off-sides, but that's for Phil Towes to sort out as he's unofficially in charge of all sports now. :)

this 1/2 term went much better then the first one, mainly b/c there wasn't a 'cloud of doom' hanging over us all. the students were able to get their sweets, but were closesly monitered this time and i think they knew they were going to be so they were on their best behaviour.

Lina and i took the kids tubing yesterday and had only got caught up once or twice as the water was nice and high. i think we shocked a few Zambian guys who were standing on the bridge watching us go by, but that's really nothing new for us. ;)

Not sure when i'll be posting next as tomorrow I start on report cards. I've got a few grades tallied and would like to get it done a bit early this term (less pressure in the end). still have lots of stuff to mark and "comments" to figure out but hopefully it won't take as long as usual!

haven't heard much news "from home" would love to hear from you all!

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