Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend Getaway

What a weekend! Friday morning i was ready for a breakdown, my students were not behaving or listening or obeying and i was ready to send them all to the headmasters office! Thankfully i had friday afternoon off, and i baked and baked to get rid of my frustration. We now have a house full of baked goods. :P God obviously knew i needed a break because friday at noon Margie Young (grade 3&4 teacher) asked if i wanted to join herself and 2 other staff members on a weekend getaway. of course i grabbed at the offer! Bruce and Marilyn Poidevin (Bruce is a CMML pilot at Kalene) have just opened an awesome getaway for missionaries (or whoever can wants to pay to stay there). It's very reasonably priced and is completley private. 4 of us jumped in the truck Saturday after lunch (we still had to teach morning classes on Saturday) and headed out for a day and 1/2 of relaxation and QUIET! It was exactly what we needed. We spent our time soaking up the sun, reading, shopping at the local market, hiking in search of the 'slave caves', swimming in the chlorinated pool (a treat for us), playing games, watching movies and overall just relaxing. We left early (5:30am) Monday morning in order to make it back to school in time for breakfast. Although I was a little tired from the late night and early morning, i felt renewed and ready to take on the world... or at least the students at Sakeji! Yesterday and today is our 1/2 term, so although it's two days of no classes, we still have to organize events to keep the students occupied. but the teachers still get a break as we're not all needed all the time, we take turns supervising different activities. right now the kids are bike riding or in hte computer lab (depending on their age) but in about 20 minutes i'm going to get a soccer game going. the kids know how much i love soccer, so they get me every time, begging me to get a game going. I managed to resist yesterday, but i gave in today. it should be quite fun as long as the students play by the rules, they have 'sakeji rules' here which makes the game a 'free-for-all' which i can't stand! so today the rules will be, 'i'm the ref and what i say goes.' if they whine, they'll be doing laps. ya, i'm that mean. :)

tomorrow we go back to the regular school day routine (or at least we try!). we now have 5 weeks left of the term. i can't believe that's it! yesterday i was working on sorting out my flights sorted out, still trying to iron out the details. but if all works out as planned i should be landing in canada on August 10th. to those of you in GB reading this, i'll be arriving in London on July 22nd. other then that, no firm plans yet. well, i must go get the field set up. more later...

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