Saturday, June 26, 2010


Oops! Falling behind in my updates, sorry about that. The closer we get to end of term the less time i have. Yesterday I finally got caught up in some of my marking but there is still SO much to do! where does it all come from??? It got rather piled up this week because i was busy with other things instead. Tuesday night we had a long staff meeting, Wednesday I was in the dorm, and Thurday we had a staff/board meeting. Having the board memebers on station was nice (they had 2 days of meetings) but it always gets the kids riled up to have 'visitors' and having so many at one time is crazy! It was nice to meet some of the board members, some of whom I haven't seen for 15 years.
Also this week I have 'opened Pandora's box' by starting a reading competition in my classroom. The children must read to a staff member or senior student and have them sign a paper stating that the book was read to them. I'm trying to encourage them to read more. The girls have gone gung-ho with this and are pestering the staff every spare minute they have "can i read to you!" It's hard to say no when they're so excited about reading. The senior girls have been very patient with them and many of them will listen to the younger girls read. It's great to see the different ages interacting in a positive way.
The end of term program is slowly beginning to fall into place. Lina and i are worried that we're not going to get it all together in time! There are so many solos to co-ordinate as well as costumes to figure out and make, backdrops, etc. Hopefully we can pull in some more staff support on this otherwise i think we're in for nervous breakdowns! only 4 practice days left before dress rehearsle. yikes!
Well, i should get off the computer and get my classroom set up for craft time. Today we're taking the 'one stroke' painting techniques we have been practicing for 3 weeks and applying them to wood. No redos now! this could be an interesting class :S

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