Tuesday, June 8, 2010

help i need ideas!

Birthday party is just around the corner and i'm not ready yet! I just spent the last 45 minutes making a "Quirty the computer" cake. actually the 'veggie' cakes all look pretty great. i'll have to take some pictures of them tomorrow... if i find the time. Lina and i previewed some rather... interesting skits today. some of them had the right idea but they were too long, others had no idea of what they were doing... it should be interesting tomorrow to see how they end up. the thing that has me most worried is a costume. i'm supposed to play 'Bob the tomato' but i'm not exactly sure how to make that costume. i've had some scattered ideas and even attempted to die a mosquito net red last night, it turned a very nice shade of pink... hmmm. now what? any ideas? i have about 26 hours to come up with something. :S if you get some brilliant ideas let me know!

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