Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On the mend...

So my cold seems to be finally coming to an end. My voice has been located again (for the most part) and life continues on.

I was just writing out a 'to do' list for myself and i suddenly realized i might have bitten off more then i can chew! i have volunteered myself (and lina) to be the MC's at this terms birthday party which means we have to plan and organize pretty much the whole thing, this includes, songs, skits, games etc. basically an hour or so of entertainment. The theme this term is VeggieTales so we've got TONS of ideas and stuff it's just getting it all organized. Lina will be Larry and I'm Bob. This is not because of our personalities (or it would probably be the other way around) but more because she's tall and i'm short. We suddenly realized this weekend, that birthday party is scheduled for June 9th... that gives us just 8 more days. THis wouldn't be so bad except that we are also both incharge of directing the end of school program, Lina will be doing the music and i'm in charge of the acting end of a musical called "We Like Sheep". I think it will be pretty cute. Lina's already got the kids learning the songs and we've auditioned and chosen the kids for the speaking/acting parts. now i just have to find the time to get the kids organized and start learning lines etc. this is definatly going to be a busy term! but it's bound to be a lot of fun. my only regret is that i won't be here the final night when the preformance will be going on as i'll be in lusaka waiting for my flight to London. :(

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