Friday, June 11, 2010

birthday party

(written Thurs. June 10/10)

Well i managed to survive yesterday. I think it was my longest day yet! I started 'on duty' at the usual 7am but wasn't 'off duty' until 11:30pm. This morning i must confess i'm struggling to stay awake so this blog may not be comprehensible. i'm quite happy that the birthday party is over and seemed to go well. Lina and i had about an hour and 1/2 to get the dining room ready with the artwork the children had made, the backdrop and last minute touches on our costumes. We only had time to read through our scripts once, so things weren't as smooth as they should have been but it wasn't any worse then other years/terms. If anyone has ever seen a VeggieTales movie, we planned out the 'show' to follow along in the same mannor as the movies. starting with the theme song at the beginning,then the 'letter', story, silly songs, Quirty the computer and even the ending song that Bob hates so much. After birthday party Lina and I still had no time to rest as we are now in charge of the girl's dorms on wednesday nights so we had to make sure 32 girls had brushed their teeth, washed their faces, changed into pj's and were tucked into bed with hugs, kisses and a song. the dorm mom had the night off and went visiting some friends so we had to stay in the dorm until she returned. we popped in a video and 'vegged' on the couch till she got home. another long day today, but not nearly as long as yesterday, i was originally going to begin the end of term program practices today, but i think they can wait one more week!

by the way, my solution to the costume party was using a large piece of red cloth pinned onto a mosquito net ring. it wasn't perfect but it sufficed.

the 'veggie tales' counter back drop (we put the canisters on too high so they appear to be floating)

my Quirty the computer cake (someone else added the 'mouse')

Bob and Larry (not the best pic, but the only good one i have on my camera)

Room one 'asleep' (grades 1/2 girls)

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