Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year from London, England!

Hello all,
It's not actually the new year yet, still 2 and 1/4 hrs to go but I though I'd send out a quick update. After a very LOOOONG and not so great flight I arrived in London. I had a bit of trouble at customs, but they decided to 'graciously' allow me to enter the country for 2 days. After customs it was smooth sailing, although I don't remember much as I was rather sleep deprived. I managed to connect with my ride and after a pleasant drive arrived at my "aunt's" house. After a quick catch up, I went to bed for some much needed sleep. 2 hours later I got up (have to beat the jet-leg!) and went out shopping. Although still very tired, it was a nice way to catch up with family whom I haven't seen in years, and meet the new little ones. I was invited out to a New Years bash, but decided that 3 nights with no sleep was a bit much for me. So after I sign off I will have a celebratory cup of tea and then hit the sack. I fly tomorrow at 6pm, prayers would be greatly appreciate. It might get kinda sticky trying to get a temporary work visa.
I will try to write again once I have arrived at Sakeji.

Happy New Year one and all! God bless in 2010!

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