Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And so it begins...

Hey All,
I haven't actually left Canada, but this is probably the last chance I'll get to go online before I do leave. I can't believe how quickly time has flown by this past week! Technically (as i'm writing this in the wee hours of Tuesday morning) i'll be boarding the plane for London tomorrow night! I just realized I'm not ready for that yet! Tomorrow will be a very busy day! Packing up and driving back to Guelph, unpacking from Christmas holiday trip and packing up for Zambia trip. Somewhere in there i have a million little errands to run and things to finish before i leave. Good thing my family is around to help! ;)

Thank you all for your continued prayers, I will especially appreciate them as I travel. I'm not worried about my saftey so much as the fact that I'm a bit "directionally challenged" at times and can get lost or turned around quite easily... not a good thing when travelling alone. So hopefully I'll catch all the right flights and not end up somewhere I shouldn't!

well I should sign off and get some sleep.
hope to hear from you,

PS. one more thing, while i'm thinking about it: please pray for my brother Chris, his wife Laura and her family as they deal with the death of Laura's brother. The family just found out about this tragedy just before Christmas. I can't give you very many details as I don't know myself, but it was a sudden loss and not caused by an illness.

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