Monday, August 19, 2013

Back in Canada... again

We did go on our hike on Thursday and got rained out! It was a somewhat miserable ride back to the yurts as we were all a little soggy and tired, but it was still a great hike to the Ice Caves. Friday we headed back to Canada via the ferry to Vancouver Island. We did a brief trip around Victoria and then headed to Nanaimo where we have spent the past few days. Yesterday we went on a walk through Cathedral Grove Trail to see some of the largest and oldest trees in Canada. It was pretty cool but I kept expecting some ewoks or yoda to come crawling out from behind a tree! From there we went to The Old Country Market to see the Goats on a Roof where there are quite literally goats living on the roof of the market place. it was rather bizarre but interesting. We then made a quick stop at a butterfly and turtle place just for fun. I got some great pics of some beautiful butterflies before we called it a day and went "home". Today we spent at the beach at an event called "Kidfest". We checked out the Canadian Sand Castle Competition and walked around with the kids checking out the various booths etc. We were all pretty wiped out by the end of the day. I have yet to go swimming although we were again by the Pacific Ocean. It's a little to chilly for me! Tomorrow we catch the ferry to the main land. Not sure of all our plans. Dan early this morning to fly home so we should have a little more room in the car on the way back! I think we're spending a few days in Vancouver before Chris and Laura head back to Washington and we start our treck back to Ontario. Better get some sleep... another long day tomorrow!

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  1. Way cool forest--too bad you didn't see Wicket! I love the butterfly pics too; they are hard to get a good picture of as they move so much! Enjoy the rest of your trip!