Monday, August 19, 2013

Aug 14/2013

Had a some great "family" times in the Seattle area (i think we were actually in Marysville). The weather was gorgeous, a little cool in the mornings but beautifully sunny in the afternoons in fact a few of us even got sunburns, which we weren't expecting! Yesterday we went mini golfing as a family; it's been a LONG time since tht has happened. it was fun watching dad try to teach the next generation to mini-golf. :) today (wednesday) we left the beach house and headed more for the mountains. we're "camping" in a little place called "Paca Pride" which is sort of like an alpaca farm. We're staying in 'yurts' which is a new experience for me. the one dan and mere & kids are staying in is like a small bedroom, but the rest of us have a huge one. I'm sleeping in a 'tent cot' which is pretty cool. it makes you feel like a little kid sleeping in a "fort" in the house. i think i need to get once of these things for camping in africa b/c you're not on the ground but raised up about a foot or so. the alpaca's are cute. i'm planning on purchasing some of their yarn tomorrow. :) tomorrow we plan to go on a hike and picnic. just hope the rain holds off, it's been drizzling on and off since we got here.

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  1. Jealous about the alpaca--it's good stuff! I've always wanted to sleep in a yurt...