Sunday, July 28, 2013

passing time in town

Friday morning a bunch of us left Sakeji headed south and eventually to various destinations. With good company to talk to and no problems along the way we arrived in Solwezi shortly after 2. Hannah and I were dropped off at the lodge where we were spending the night and the others continued on their way. After a long HOT walk into town to get some money from the bank, Hannah and I soaked our feet in the pool (it was too cold to swim) and enjoyed some time just hanging out together. Neither of us slept well that night, not because of the accommodations but rather from excitement I think. the next morning our we got a 5am wake up call (which we didn't ask for) and the taxi arrived to pick us up at 5:30am. I thought this was WAY too early as our flight wasn't till 7:20 and it was only a 15 min ride to the airport but such is life. When we got to the airport it was still locked up for the night. So we sat on the curb freezing! Finally the night guard came and brought us a bench to sit on. he also let us know that the airport didn't open until 7. despite the wait, the flight wasn't too bad, although a little chilly. we flew in a Cessna Grand Caravan, which as Hannah put it was like flying in a 15 passenger van. :) there were 12 seats for passengers and then 2 pilots. once we arrived in Lusaka we got a taxi to take us to check into the flight house and then we headed out to the Cultural Village where Hannah did some souvenir/gift shopping. We had the rest of the day to kill time as Hannah didn't have to be back at the airport until 8 pm for her evening flight home. We spent some time window shopping and enjoying lattes together. it was nice just to relax and not have a pressing schedule. back at the flight house we chatted with some elder missionaries until Hannah had to go. I went to bed early to try and catch up on some sleep. today I slept in a bit before heading to town. I did some craft/gift shopping at the market, had some lunch and then headed home to rest for the afternoon. I have 2 reports to get ready which is what i'm supposed to be doing right now. :) tomorrow morning I head to the airport to catch my flight to London. i'll spend the night there before heading on to Toronto on Tuesday. can't wait to get home!!


  1. I killed time in Lusaka by staying at the flight house (so I didn't have to pay for a taxi)and reading and not eating so I didn't have to pay for lunch. Cut down the price however I could. ;) Adds up after 4 days!

  2. I'm so excited for you! Have a lovely time away, and I look forward to having my knitting buddy back in September!