Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not 'Mommy' Material...

On Friday night I decided that I not cut out to be a Mom! I think being an Aunt is more my style; love 'em, spoil 'em and send them home! What caused this realization? I only got 1.5 hrs of sleep on Friday night because I was babysitting a nearly 2 mth old. I have to admit, I just like sleep too much to give it up! I was fully prepared to get up in the night for the midnight/3 am feedings etc.; what I wasn't prepared for was not being able to fall asleep b/c the little boy makes so much noise! He is definitely a grunt and groaner and he cries out in his sleep. Half way through the night I put his cot in the next room, knowing that if he cried I'd still be able to hear him. However that only lasted about an hour because he decided to snort milk out his nose and then proceed to choke! Thankfully I wasn't asleep yet and heard him but after that I felt I couldn't put him in the other room just in case. Previous to that I had a great afternoon with him. It was kinda fun having a baby around to play with and talk to... as long as I can send them home before I go to bed! (I didn't have my camera with me so I didn't get any pictures, but I'll try and get some tomorrow to add to the blog.) Saturday I was sort of wandering around like a zombie. I warned my students that I was very tired and that it probably wouldn't take much to push me over the edge. For once they listened and didn't push. In the afternoon I had sports with the seniors. I decided that playing soccer might wake me up... it didn't. I have a huge scrape on my knee to prove that playing soccer when really tired is a bad idea. Apparently my brain was too tired to send the "keep moving" message to my knees! It must have looked really funny b/c one moment I was running with the ball and then next I was on the ground. Saturday night I was asleep by 9:30 (which is way early for me!)and slept right through till the alarm went off this morning for breakfast. Unfortunately I still managed to get sick! I should have known that the end of term cold was lurking around the corner waiting to pounce. :S Hope I can shake it before I head home!


  1. Aw--while I'm sorry about your lack of sleep, I sort of envy you your baby time! Have a blessed exam week, and remember to eat some popcorn, drink some mocha, and hang in there!

  2. thanks lina! that's my plan for tomorrow night. I would make the usual brownies but alas there are no eggs at the moment... somehow I will survive!