Tuesday, January 8, 2013

As of today our holidays are over and the students decend on us again. For once, I think I'm actually ready for them :) I had a nice holiday, very casual; hanging around my house, reading, baking and various other fun activities. Christmas Eve the staff remaining on station had a lovely Christmas dinner with turkey, ham and all the fixings! Delicious! Christmas day I spent with the other single ladies and we had fun going from house to house eating and openging presents (a "progressive brunch"). We had various carol sings and games nights as well. New Years Eve we had a bonfire and singing, fireworks, food and some of us stayed up past midnight watching a movie. The past week I've spent in and out of my classroom prepping for the new school year. My classroom is finally ready (although it needs some sweeping etc in the morn) and i acutally have the first week of classes planned! i have never been so organized in my teaching career before! :D I found out last night that one of my new students may not be coming because she is a picky eater and her parents don't think she'll be able to adapt. HA! most of the kids that come are "picky eaters" but they find out quickly that picky eaters are hungry kids with sore bottoms... so they go home not quite so picky. :) Well, tomorrow is the first day of a new school year. So exciting as there are SO many possibilities! Can't wait to meet all my munchkin's!

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