Thursday, July 19, 2012

And suddenly it's the end of term...

Yes, the end of term draweth near! This time next week the station will be eerily quiet and all the staff will be rejoicing in their own particular way. It has been a very busy term, cramming so many things into 10 short weeks, but we seemed to have made it through. We've had LOTS of visitors and to quote an old saying "all our visitors bring us joy. some buy coming. others by going." (I won't go into details on who falls into which category) Despite all the cramming and such I also feel it was quite a productive term. My students have really come a long way and (although I need the break) I am looking forward to how much we can accomplish next term. I am especially thankful at this time of the term to only have 10 students as that meant I only had 10 report cards to do! Teaching grade one is definatley challenging but one of the perks is that they don't have to take exams... which means I don't have to mark exams... and was therefor able to get all my reports finished by Tuesday night! I do feel kind of bad though as the rest of the teachers are still slaving away on theirs. One challenge I've had this term is trying to find out how I can better help my students who are struggling with their learning. one boy (who i think i mentioned in previous blogs) appears to have dyslexic symptoms. Zambia is not equipt to deal with things like this so his parents are unable to get him tested. I've done a few quick "online" tests but unless I want to drop a few hundred bucks, i can't get any real evaluating done. My mission for the holidays is to arm myself with as much info and resources as I can get my hands on (which is limited to the internet) to try and prepare for how to better help him next term. Please pray! I would also GREATLY appreciate any info anyone can share of helpful techniques either from teaching or personal experiences.

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