Monday, July 30, 2012

holiday time

My end of term cold hit me with a vengence but once I was able to sleep-in and relax I was able to get over the worst of it. Hurray! Unfortunately poor Lina seems to have her end of term bronchitis which has messed up her term break plans. Not just because being sick on your holidays is horrible, but also because she was unable to drive down to Lusaka as planned. However, the Lord is still in control, Hannah (who had planned to get a ride with Lina) was able to get a ride with the Sr. Towses to Chingola and then with the Studds to Lusaka so that she could meet her father and brothers at the airport. The vehicle that Lina was going to be driving is sorta not working right as the battery is pretty dead. Today we pushed started it and were able to get to Ikelenge and back, but the whole time I was worried that if I turned it off I wouldn't be able to get it started again. So it's a good thing the girls didn't try to take it down! I will (Lord willing) be heading down to Lusaka in Jill Avery's truck (she and Bethany are in Europe on holiday)and Lina is able to get a ride with me. Unfortunately it's only a 2 seater, so on the way home, after I've picked up June, one of us will have to ride in the back. Not ideal, but we'll make it work. TIA! A praise item to note, I was able to have a few good interviews with parents/guardians of some of my students that have been struggling a bit. It was refreshing to see that they want to help out any way they can and are backing me up. You never quite know how parents are going to react when they see poor report cards and some of them will blame the teacher (as happened to Lina :( ) so I am thankful that mine went so well. Now I have to wait till September to see if it was just talk or if they actually did work with their children. Unless something major/exciting happens. I probably won't blog again until I get to Lusaka. Please pray for safe travels!

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